The 4 signs you are NOT a good leader

Luiz Eduardo Figueiredo

Any result of a company goes through good leadership.Without great leadership, no business survives

They are strong indicators that your company might be in trouble and you need to rethink your leadership

1) You've got all the answers

Many leaders think they can't ask questions because it'd show weakness.When you openly admit you don't know something or made a mistake, the team feels safe about being honest and takes accountability for their actions.

2) You affirm you're the leader

If you need to remind your team you're the leader then you're definitely not one. When you say "do that because I am the CEO/Owner/CTO" you may win the battle but you've lost the war and the team's respect.

3) You talk too much

If you're trying to prove you're a good leader you will likely talk too much.Great leaders are willing to listen a lot more than talk.

4) Everything needs to run by you

If everyone needs your approval or your instructions, you've failed.True leadership consists of training your team to make decisions and empowering them to take action.