The Ultimate Guide for Staff Augmentation

Luiz Eduardo Figueiredo

Face it — you've either heard of Staff Augmentation or done it yourself.

Staff Augmentation is a type of outsourcing strategy where employees are hired to fill gaps on projects to push the agenda forward. It is an efficient way for all-sized companies to boost their results without a slow and expensive hiring process.

The Goods and Bad

The global outsourcing market was worth $92.5 billion in 2019, and since it has grown to $132.9 billion.

Staff Augmentation is a solid concept: Your company needs talent; a provider has the potential skilled staff member you're looking for. Place the two together and it is a win-win. However, the staff augmentation practices has been less than good for a while. Remote is the new practice and it may bring some difficulties. You might have the right people for the job, but they might be from different locations, different cultures and timezones. That means you have the "team", but it is not really a team that can work together seamlessly — bringing a lot of friction and pressure to the product manager.

This is why Divisio is offering a 'dedicated team’ service instead of the traditional staff augmentation.

Divisio Approach to Dedicated Team

Our first and foremost attention will always be target to what our customer needs. When a potential customer tell us about a talent gap that needs filling for a single engineer or a couple, that's reasonable — but it is not how we operate.

Connecting a solo engineer puts them in a strange, inefficient and often uncomfortable situation. It can feel like a sky diving into a distant island with a survival kit, without their usual team, support network and collective intelligence.

That's not the best environment to work in and produce meaningful work. Moving engineers through projects might make them feel like an interchangeable cog in the machine, instead of a talented individual who brings value to the business.

Divisio believes in a deep and strong culture — we run on teamwork, and that's how we bring the ultimate value to our customers. Once a client has communicated their needs, the Divisio Dedicated Team comes forward as squad (varying in size) — this unit comes with a project manager, lead developer and engineers with different expertises.

This team is bullet-proof. They have been interviewed, onboarded, verified, trained and they know how to work together. They have collaborated, they have all the tools and processes in place. They have access to the collective intelligence from the Divisio Knowledge Network.

Dedicated Team vs Staff Augmentation

A Divisio Dedicated Team creates an environment of engagement, collaboration and innovation.


There are dozens of product development methodologies out there — all of them seems like a silver bullet to deliver on budget and on time: which one would you choose?

Our experience working with all-sized companies for the past 6 years makes a difference.

We are consistently executing, learning, improving and overcoming our limitations. That's not just a mindset, it's an effective approach to tooling and methodologies as well.

As a result, we take all the understanding of the processes, tools and people that increase our efficiency and maximize value and pass that on to you.

Here's what you can expect from working with us:

  • Clear and streamlined communication among stakeholders and the team using Slack plus stand-up and weekly meetings.
  • Well-defined and transparent management process, shared weekly to see the status of the budget burn-down vs effort and progress, etc.
  • We use JIRA as the tool to manage milestones, releases and tasks — including a Kanban board to give everyone full visibility over the project progress
  • Our engineers follows a strict Git-flow policy with clear guidelines and peer code review
  • Continuous integration and deployment pipelines to ensure the code is delivered in high quality and free of critical bugs

Consider it done

Have you ever had to spend of time and effort micro-managing an individual or group of individuals? That's not uncommon on traditional staff augmentation practices. Meetings are more frequent and become more complex, ideas can be lost and you are guarantee to lose value, time and budget.

With a Divisio Dedicated Team, all you have to do is tell us what are your objectives and we will take on the responsibility of achieving them. Divisio will handle everything you need while keeping you in the loop.

Mitigate risk

We've built our reputation by delivering digital products time after time. By choosing our dedicated team, you're actually choosing your final product to be great — handmade crafted by a team that cares in shared success.

Our multidisciplinary team can handle every aspect of your product. Suddenly need to pull a UX or UI designer into the mix? No problem. They are already part of the Divisio Network.

Expertise and Experience

Using the Staff Augmentation model you have no choice to but hire a set of individuals and hopefully make them work well together. How well they will work as a group? How similar are their standards? How are they bounded by a strong culture? If any of your assumptions are wrong, then you will be facing costly rounds of hiring, training — falling behind schedule and wasting valuable resources.

Turn your weakness into an competitive advantage

Hiring a great team of individual can take several weeks or months — even if you have enough budget, it is really unlikely that you can afford to spend all of that time. It drains your budget and slows you down. It allows your competitors to gain traction and take over the market gap you're trying to fill or sustain.

You can start right away with our tried-and-tested dedicated team. Everyone on Divisio shares the same processes, workflows and knowledge network so they can work seamlessly on your product.

What could Divisio dedicated team do for you?

Based on our experience a Dedicated Team is better for workers, better for creativity and better for your business. Our partnership can go as little as months or long as years — depending on your need.

No matter the size of your project or how long you need our help Divisio can work seamlessly with your in-house team and keep you ahead of the competition. Book a free project analysis today and learn how Divisio can bring added value to your product.