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About Divisio

We are Dividers.

We know that to build something new it's necessary to break up with the past, leaving old concepts and beliefs behind.We are people that believe that technology can transform lives.

We are people that believe that technology is like a bridge, a tool to connect to what matters - people on the other side.

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What's Connect

Elevating your company's software development practice can be a complex and challenging journey, and we should know, we have spent the last 7 years, building, rebuilding, and perfecting our own software development practice.

We have taken that expertise plus our experience helping some of the most innovative companies to create Divisio Prime.

Connect is your fastest path to create your digital product from scratch.

Connect is going to implement some of the most successful software development practices into your product, including tools, processes, and routines.

How we connect

We have prepared a detailed step-by-step overview of how we bring Prime to your company, how the process looks like and what you can expect.

Meet the Dividers




Developer Lead


Customer Success


Duration: 1~2 hours

Participants: Open to all


  • Deep dive into the product/service
  • Prioritization
  • Roadmap

Discovery Phase

A project planning consultancy to make a discovery process to go through the project and discuss every functionality. Creating major features and mapping technical challenges related to the project's scope. 2-6 weeks.


  • Project Management mapping, including existing tools, processes, resources and standards
  • Define tools usage, project and resources management
  • Extensively go through the project and discuss every functionality
  • Map all major features related to the project's scope.
  • Find weak spots and opportunities to deliver more value in the shortest time.
  • Map technical challenges (if any).
  • Prevent architecture rabbit holes.

Week 1

Create next sprints based on backlog and prioritization

  • Create backlog tickets
  • Split them into milestones
  • Group tickets into sprints for each milestone
  • Provide a ballpark estimate based on Sprints & Milestones to finish the current backlog*

Create a project schedule/roadmap to the engineering team

  • Cerimonies scheduling (Sprint planning)
  • Process documentation: Sprints period, Code Review, QA and Releases

Did you know?

The main purpose of agile processes is to fail fast, learn fast.

During and after each sprint we will learn with the project pace, challenges and accomplishments — identifying gaps and opportunities that may impact the project's deadline. After identification our team will re-plan accordingly.

Week 2

Process implementation

Sprint 01 starts

Week 2 to 4

This is what we call an Adaptation Phase.

Don't we get us wrong, we will be adapting and adjusting during entire project lifetime cycle, but the first month is critical to meet the proposed milestones and the ultimate goal.

During this phase we will be:

  • Feeling the effects of how the process impacted the team
  • Reviewing and adjusting the implemented process


1) Find out the sprint pace

Determine how much workload the entire team can take for each sprint, based on tickets complexity classification.*

2) Deeper view

At this point we often have a greater knowledge about architectural gaps, technical debts, or technical challenges that needs to be addressed.

*We expect to make mistakes and learn from them. That's the fastest way to understand relevant points we need to pay more attention, make adjustments. This is a proven method to achieve greater accuracy on sprints and estimates.

Week 5+

Run. Learn. Adapt. Repeat.

We will run, learn and improve the process sprint after sprint.

Sprints Planning & Management

The Methodology

We use an agile methodology based on Kanban and Scrum.

  • All features are split into Milestones and Stories hierarchy.
  • Kanban board to organize the backlog and manage the development workflow
  • Weekly deliveries based Sprints
  • One planning meeting per sprint
  • Project's Slack Channel


  • The sprint length will be determine by the team according to the project needs (1 or 2 week)
  • Each milestone can represent a max of 4 sprints (for 1 week sprints) or 2 sprints (for 2 weeks sprints)
  • Once started, sprints can't be changed. The only exception is for emergency scenarios (i.e.: blocker affecting live users)
  • Addition or removal of tickets from a sprint may impact the previously agreed delivery date
  • Issues, challenges and any relevant information must be reported to the Divisio's Project Lead.
  • Avoid spamming on Slack, even for emergencies. A single well-written message explaining the situation if enough for 99% of the cases.

Status Report & Deliveries

  • Status reports are done once per sprint (up to 30 minutes)
  • After a sprint is finished, we will send a report on the following Tuesday with the accomplishments.


  • New versions are released based on the previous sprint achievements.*
  • New releases are done once per week on Tuesdays**

* If the project have an solid CD/CI setup this can be done more often

** Except for emergencies (i.e production blocker)

Communication & Support

Clear communication and transparency are key factors for a project success. Below you will find what we believe is the best practices based on our experience.

Single source of truth

This principle guarantees both teams are always aligned, prevent misunderstandings, and empower Divisio to decide the best course of action.


1) The Project Manager and ‍Customer Success are the only point of contact of the Client for all matters, including:

Project Manager

  • Backlog, issues, bugs, roadmap and features
  • Better understanding about the product, goals and prioritization
  • Implement and maintain the product development processes
  • Resources

Customer Success

  • Goals, problems and upcoming needs
  • Feedback
  • Resources management
  • Scalability

2) All written communication related to the project made through Slack (or similar tools) must be done in the project's channel, this reduces noise communication and improve efficiency, transparency and create a better environment for the best ideas win.

Meeting Guidelines


  • Scope: Discuss backlog, achievements and what's next.
  • Participants: Open to all
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Repetition: Weekly or bi-weekly

Planning Meeting

  • Scope: Next sprint planning
  • Participants: Engineers
  • Repetition: Weekly or bi-weekly


  • Our team is available in America/Sao Paulo timezone during business hours (9AM to 6PM BRT)
  • We don't work on national holidays — we will notice in advance.


The proposal is based on the Specs document provided by Odyssey on December 2, 2021.

Main characteristics

  • Careers platform for students
  • Video calls support
  • Calendar integration for bookings management
  • Web platform
  • Mobile friendly (Responsive)

Architecture Gaps

  • Legacy data migration: (i.e Searchable database)
  • Ir order to build a robust solution we will need so starting use a new database structure.
  • We can provide a user-friendly dashboard to fill that needed. However this will require us thinking about a data migration script that we will need to be prepared to run at least once before the MVP launch.

Technical Challenges

  • Data migration from no-code tools
  • Freemium (& permission system)
  • Booking (Calendar & Zoom integration)
  • Video call system (Web RTC support)


  • Features
  • Admin dashboard
  • Student dashboard
  • Global search
  • Video call system
  • Freemium
  • Booking system (Mentor & Recruiter)
  • Booking (Calendar integration)
  • Sharing slots
  • Booking request
  • Notifications (Email, Text Alerts)
  • Student sign-up
  • Professional sign-up

General estimate

A general estimation means how much we think you will have a working MVP. It does not represent exactly how much effort, when, or if all documented tasks will be done. 

The purpose is to create a timeline that will be a guide to staying on track. An MVP version usually fits on a 3-6 months timeline. 

During the development cycle, we may opt cut corners in order to achieve that goal. Every decision is made with the client's knowledge and approval. 

All features are based on a development assurance. Which can raise three different categories: 

Optimistic: If everything goes right and no major concerns regarding the challenges and architecture gaps. 

Realistic: Considering the most possible real scenario if all required items are programmatically achievable. 

Pessimistic: Considering we will have a lot of unknown challenges and lots of architecture gaps what would be the worst scenario. This is a high-level feature mapping based on PRD only.

Option 1: Full Product

All features included in the mentioned Spec.

Optimistic: 22-24 weeks

Realistic: 30-32 weeks

Pessimistic: 34-36 weeks

Option 2: Without built-in video calls (Web RTC)

Optimistic: 20-22 weeks

Realistic: 24-26 weeks

Pessimistic: 26-28 weeks

Option 3: Without admin panels (Dashboard)

Not including dashboards we will not have a user-friendly (or not programmatically) way to manage all de admin data. Which will directly a directly database connection

Optimistic: 16-18 weeks

Realistic: 20-22 weeks

Pessimistic: 24-26 weeks

Option 4: Without admin panels & built-in video calls (Web RTC)

Not including dashboards we will not have a user-friendly (or not programmatically) way to manage all de admin data. Which will directly a directly database connection

Optimistic: 12-14 weeks

Realistic: 16-18 weeks

Pessimistic: 20-22 weeks


12 month contract: $8950/mo

6 month contract: $10500/mo

3 month contract: $12000/mo

Additional Savings

Beyond our competitive pricing, with Divisio you don’t have to worry about benefits, stock options, vacation time, unemployment, termination hassle, paperwork, recruiting time and expenses, etc. We take care of those details.

No-Risk Trial

When you work with Prime, you will have a 2-week period to decide whether we meet your needs. If you don’t find us extraordinary, you will not be charged (and you can even keep any work completed during the trial).

Termination Fee Guarantee

Within the first 30 days, you can cancel the contract anytime, you will only pay for the work done — no termination fees will be applied.

Team Value

Company value is largely impacted by your ability to build an amazing team and product. Unfortunately, putting together a great team to build a great product takes substantial amounts of time and money. Dividers enable your company to build your team and product faster.

Overall Quality

Beyond their brilliant technical capabilities, Dividers are also screened on their soft skills including attitude, ethical values, energy, education, and English proficiency. We want to ensure they are amazing teammates, not just amazing workers.

Customer Success

Your success ir our success.

I'll be personally following up on you to make sure you're happy with Divisio and the outcomes.

From now on, every goal we establish is our goal too. We will be working together, side-by-side, through thick and thin. We will solve challenges together, and we will celebrate the results together.

This is the commitment we make with you.

Excited to work together.



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