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Startups can leverage staff augmentation services.

The challenge

Coral, a US-based startup, engaged our team to help them overcome structural challenges while making room for new features and public releases.
Working with Divisio gave Coral confidence on deliveries and secure future investments rounds.

The solution

Through Divisio Connect we quickly connected our experts into Coral's team, working in blazing fast development speed — while maintaining our highest product development standards.


Beyond development

Seamlessly combine Divisio's seasoned developers with Coral's existing team to provide startup fast-paced solutions.


We've conducted deep code reviews in Coral's legacy code, to trace a solid plan to tackle challenges, overcome limitations and evolve the product.

Two teams, one unified front

Divisio's senior developers have been integrated to Coral's team, joining them on a daily basis to guarantee delivery on a startup fast paced rhythm.


We have helped Coral business strategy by developing several paid features and improving the native mobile app substantially.

Featured on Product Hunt

Coral has won the 2019 Golden Kitty awards by Product Hunt as the SexText Product of 2019

Featured on Apple's Developer Spotlight

Read the full article and learn all about how Coral tackle difficult subjects, what are the biggest challenges and why Coral has created this solution for everyone.

“Excellent collaboration and can be trusted to take on a scope of work and see it through to the end. Divisio has consistently made my work easier so I do not have to focus on the details.”
"Not only they are passionate about software engineering but also we can observe it translate to quality when code is delivered. It is with full confidence that I highly recommend Divisio".

Isharna Walsh

CEO & Founder

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