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Bringing connectivity to over 3 million sailers
in the United States

The problem

SW Media, a US-based startup, engaged our team to review their initial version of the product. The project offered some technical challenges. On the software development front, we needed to review the existing application, diagnose weaknesses and opportunities and make a new product development plan. Working closely with SW Media team the necessity to integrate seamlessly with the existing technology stack.

The solution

The new solution increased the lifetime of the product dramatically, while shortened the time of development for new features and deploys.


Beyond development

Product design and development are the tangible features of our work, however the right solution goes above and beyond to deliver business outcomes. We take a Discovery approach to product development for SW Media, which included product review, strategy and IT training.

Improving Performance

Aside from assuming the front-end product development, we made a complete diagnosis of the legacy system to help speed up the app development and lower the time spent on bug fixes and deploys.


We've identified and solved weak spots that wouldn't allow the product to scale and support the incoming demand. In addition, the new processes supports several developers working simultaneously in an unified product development process.

Training & Strategy

Training and implementation of several product development practices, standards and techniques to the existing team.
We helped prioritize and plan upcoming features and deliveries to maximize future rounds of investments.

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