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TheZeroDate improves users' experience and increases growth to 10% week-on-week with Divisio


TheZero Date provides a better and safer dating experience for its customers.


San Francisco, United States


Dating & Lifestyle

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Dedicated Team

Since its launch in 2021, TheZeroDate is a startup based on San Francisco, CA focused on providing a better and safer dating experience for its customers and empowering improved team collaboration through efficient product management and  development.

As TheZeroDate started to get traction, most of its engineering team was based in Ukraine so when the Russian invasion started they sought a way to consolidate their product development, boost operational efficiency and create a delightful and engaging user experience. With Divisio Dedicated Team's service, TheZeroDate was able to improve their users' experience and a growth increase of 10% week-on-week.

Driving results during uncertain times

The Zero Date team uses product development by Divisio's Dedicated Team to ensure their customers are set up for fun, stressless, meaningful date experiences.

At the beginning of 2022, John needed a team to take over the development, hoping that they could rapidly support their existing product. Since then, they've significantly improved their customer satisfaction by offering a delightful user experience by working with Divisio.

”Divisio's attention to quality assurance was excellent. The codebase they inherited was complex and poorly documented, and yet they quickly got up to speed and made improvements that were bug-free. This is a testament to their careful attention to process and project management, following software best practices.”

The benefits of working with Divisio have been immense, enabling their team to:

Maintain their customers engaged: Instant take over for support and product development while most of their team was unavailable was key to maintaining and growing their customer base.

Reduce team stress levels:  Documenting their existing database and eliminating bugs and errors made the workload more manageable and reduced stress levels on the team.

Drive continued growth: The improved codebase enables the team to provide a better user experience for the customer, which directly led to continued growth.

Get improved processes: The team has now absorbed world-class product development practices, ensuring that their high bar for internal processes and customer experience is maintained from end to end.

"We chose Divisio based on their professionalism, communication skills, and in-depth knowledge of our stack."

John Prins

CTO of TheZeroDate

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