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Design and development of NFTs, paired with premium launch, token transfer and community cultivation


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Creativity colliding with technology

Zelus, a US-based startup, engaged our Divisio to review help them build the future of digital assets. With new tech comes plenty of questions from artists and creators whose focus is on their primary work. The project goal is to de-risk and bring calm to the situation as their collaborator bringing them into world of digital assets and extensions of their existing collections.

A Divisio Squad was connected to Zelus to manage the project, develop the mobile app, define, organize and maintain product development processes.


"The Web3 revolution is the next technological wave that will change society as we know it."

Digital Assets

In-house design, development and minting of NFTs, paired with premium launch, token transfer and community cultivation.

Rights MGMT

Musicians, Actors, Athletes & Properties – amplify existing revenue streams or create new ones while safeguarding their IP throughout the process

IP Dev

Through a partnership with Stampede Ventures, we integrate brands into premium content driving relevancy, brand affinity and equity.

Capital Investment

Strategic investment in the ownership of music catalogs, technology platforms and culture creators, ensuring the future is as cool as it can be.

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