Worldwide map showing Divisio and its clients

Year after year growth

It has been an amazing journey but it are just getting started.

Customer satisfaction

Our goal is to create lasting relationships.


USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Brazil.

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Dividers know that to create something new, we have to break up with the past, leaving limiting beliefs behind and opening space to the new.
We know that technology can transform lives, but we don't forget that it is just a tool to bound what matters — the people.

Our journey goes beyond technology. We are on a mission to become a trusted partner of business worldwide, offering a solid, transparent, and lasting partnership.

What moves us

Integrity and transparency always in the first place.

Never allow that profit conflicts get in the way of offering what's best for our customers and our team.

Offer to our customers and our team a good and reasonable agreements. A great relationship takes time. We never prioritize short term profits over a long-term relationship.

Time is precious - we value each other's time.

The absence of radical transparency stops the best and smartest ideas to win.

Our culture of autonomy and collaborative processes projected to boost your business results.

A team you can trust,
results you can see.

Divisio vs freelancers and other agencies

We can put together a staffing strategy based on
high-performance, resources at competitive prices.